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Bishop Melvin Longdon – Senior Pastor

Bishop Melvin Longdon

Bishop Melvin Longdon is a Charismatic leader, visionary and serves as Senior Pastor and founder of CAC. He began his journey into ministry as a very young man under the ministry of renowned minsters who took him under their wing and mentored him through the early years of his ministry work. He is married to Reverend Cynthia Longdon and they are blessed with a son and two daughters, Isaac, Triphena, and Teshura.

He has a dynamic gifting of a prophet to combine his calling as a Pastor and teacher, with the roles of mentor and spiritual father. Bishop Melvin Longdon is a prolific preacher and has a prophetic gift with vast experience in this office. He has given countless people the spiritual and practical foundation on which to successfully build their lives.

As a respected leader, his influence on evangelism and church growth has guaranteed many expressions of polite wish by high profile personalities. Bishop Melvin Longdon continues to be a voice of innovation, inspiration, and influence in the kingdom of God today and constantly challenges believers to be creative and become the best they can ever be.


Reverend Cynthia Longdon – Associate Pastor

Reverend Cynthia Longdon is the First Lady of Christ Avenue Chapel and serves as the executive director of Perseverance Women Ministry. Since its establishment, Pastor Cynthia oversees the spiritual lives of all the women in CAC through regular meetings and special events. Her personal ministry is centred on enriching women with the word of God to break free from personal, societal and environmental limitations to live an overcoming life and experience the most growth in their relationship with God.

As a proud mother of two children, First Lady Cynthia has been involved in Christian ministry since her childhood and has served by the side of her husband, Pastor Melvin Longdon and has assumed an active role as a pastor in CAC as she works to complement her husband’s ministry.

Her insight as a Pastor and teacher in the word of God has encouraged and challenge women to express dominion and walk in freedom as they minister in the body of Christ, which models the kingdom of God on earth.





Reverend Emmanuel Imbeah –
Resident Pastor









Reverend Randy Senyo
Head of Administration & Finance









Reverend Joseph Debrah
Minister in-charge of Welfare












Pastor Albert Jude
Minister in-charge of Planning Committee









Pastor Kofi Desmond
– Minister in-charge of Cashiers










Deaconess Angela Senyo
Head of Ushering Team






Reverend Cynthia Longdon – General Secretary

Reverend Randy Senyo – Director of Administration & Finance

Pastor Albert Jude – Director of Public Relations