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The vision of CAC men is to strengthen the family unit, hence in the family segment; we shall instruct our men on the heart of God concerning the human family. We will use biblical concepts to show our responsibility as men to love our wives as Christ loves the church, and to raise our children in an effective, godly manner. We will focus primarily on the examples set in Scripture and on proven modern day examples to give inspiration.

The CAC Men’s ministry currently holds regular events geared towards challenging, encouraging and igniting the zeal of all men. Headed by Elder (designate) Johnson Appau as patron, Rev. Randy as interim chairman and Brother George Agyabeng as secretary , this dynamic group of vibrant and innovative men of the word comes together for Breakfast meetings frequently throughout the year. There is a tremendous need for the men in CAC to address multiple health issues that face our society today. We often utilize more time with the men to educate, challenge, & encourage them to be more health conscious.