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Christ Avenue Chapel women’s ministry also known as ‘PERSEVERANCE WOMEN MINISTRY’ centres on enriching women with the word of God to break free from personal, societal and environmental limitations to live an overcoming life. It is a vision of unity where tenacious women of all ages and cultural background desire to discover and fulfil their purpose in life as well as in the body of Christ. (1Cor. 9:24-25)Every woman in CAC is a member of Perseverance Women Ministry and participates in reaching other women, the local community and the world through the transforming power and love of Jesus Christ and experiences the most growth in their relationship with God.It is strategically designed to touch, strengthen and involve dynamic Women who are real women living real lives and serving a real God who gives real answers to real issues to witness a life changing experience.


CAC women’s ministry vision is intended to equip persistent women to flourish in the word of God and have positive influence on other women, the community and the world at large. It’s our greatest desire to achieve this purpose through sharing, prayer, teachings and evangelism.Perseverance Women Ministry have the ambition to unveil our God given potential and develop it in mastery to express dominion and walk in freedom. We expect to innovate with our talents and abilities through dedication and urgency as we minister in the body of Christ, which models the kingdom of God on earth. Perseverance Women Ministry exists to prepare trustworthy women in confidence and wisdom to focus on their spiritual upliftment in their everyday walk with God. We hope to be effective both spiritually and physically towards our growth and maturity in the Lord as we meet the changing needs of the modern woman in the modern world.

Finally, our vision is designed to bring women together in unity with determination, diligence, submissiveness and respect for each other, our families and the body of Christ, we will create a peaceful and inspiring environment for His glory and pleasure.